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Analysis of the paper industry outlook
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The life of paper production and consumption levels is an important indicator to measure the level of national modernization and civilization. In recent years, China's household paper industry with economic development, population growth and the improvement of the quality of life and a rapid increase. Shanghai, Beijing, Guangdong is the National Household Paper consumption in cities and provinces, Beijing and Shanghai household paper per capita consumption of about 8 kg, is gradually approaching the level of developed countries in the world.
China's household paper industry is composed by multiple manufacturers, industry concentration is low. But the life of paper base paper manufacturer in relatively concentrated. National brand: Vader, the heart of India, Virjoy, Kleenex, Mayflower, clean soft breeze, the clean cloud, etc. Due to logistics costs, affordable products market still mainly local brands.
Increasing number of varieties of household paper in the Chinese market and personal consumption and home market accounted for 90 percent of household paper, topical products of commercial and residential markets accounted for 10%, and an increasing trend. In China, the new demands of consumers to promote household paper enterprises to expand their business. The industry to do is to maintain the freshness of the product, including product quality and packaging.
Factors closely related to the development of China's household paper market will remain with the national GDP growth, population growth, improve people's quality of life in the future. Consumer demand diversified transition to the high-end products. With the diversification of the domestic retail formats, supermarkets, hypermarkets have become the mainstream of retail formats, to the growing importance of the terminal market for household paper enterprises, improve product quality, reduce costs, and the development of modern life paper-scale production enterprise is the trend
China has replaced the U.S. as the world's paper of the largest countries. However, the outbreak of the global financial crisis, leading to overall decline in market demand, China's paper industry is also facing the industry growth "inflection point", has entered a downturn but stable stage of development. However, since the since the introduction of three major sectors of policy and strictly enforce, the impact of China's paper industry has initially become large enterprises have become the biggest beneficiaries.
China's paper industry will embark on energy conservation, integrated pulp and paper, eliminate backward production capacity to the road of development. In addition, as economic development, the demand for the paper industry will continue to expand. Is estimated that from 2010 to 2015, China will become the superpower of the world's paper consumption. 2030, paper consumption could reach 200 million tons, or more to 30 years China will become Paper powers. Therefore, the Chinese paper industry is still a huge potential for development.
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