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Status and characteristics of papermaking machinery industry
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Paper machinery typically include pulp, paper, complete equipment, and electrical drives, automation, computer control, environmental protection and other general equipment. Papermaking machinery industry is the industry of direct services for the paper mill, very professional, papermaking machinery involved in the development of technology more widely, such as machinery, chemicals, materials, corrosion. Pressure vessel, automatic control and so on. Externally, the driving force for development of paper-making machinery is mainly from the paper market, China's paper market is huge demand for paper-making machinery to create a broad space for development. According to forecasts, China's "Tenth Five-Year Plan the end of the paper and paperboard production will reach 3800 in case of 40 million tons in new production will reach 800 in case of 10 million tons, the production capacity of paper machinery industry in China can provide only meet less than 1/3 of the domestic market demand, but only the market does not mean that the paper-making machinery companies can sit back and relax. According to statistics, in 1995, more than 100,000 tons of paper-making enterprises is only 16 in 2000, increased to 44, growth is very fast, but the development of papermaking machinery enterprises is very slow and inefficient, the market structure is not There are big changes. This shows that the domestic paper and paper machinery industry has a lot of out of touch, the domestic paper-making machinery to a large extent is difficult to meet the needs of the domestic paper industry. Future development of the paper market, the domestic paper-making machinery of the development is both an opportunity and also a great test.

    The paper industry's development is inseparable from the paper-making machinery, but the unbalanced development of the domestic paper industry, demand also showed a variety of features. The choice is primarily based on paper-making machinery of domestic mills is the price, technology, reliability, after-sales service. Capital rich companies, such as wholly foreign-owned, joint venture or enjoy the state's subsidized loans companies, paper machinery and paper products, the requirements of high As such, they tend to choose all or part of the imports of key equipment. This part of customers, domestic paper depot is also difficult to meet their requirements, only some of the localization of equipment in bulk products (such as cardboard, etc.). But this is part of the business just a few, the real most of the reform and opening up the future development of private enterprises or joint-stock enterprises. Part of them, although there are some financial strength, but the price of imported equipment, and right through the large-scale investments have the feeling of powerless, higher product quality requirements, therefore, they are the domestic development of papermaking machinery Direct promoter. Another part is still produced at a low level, although the technological transformation of the intention, but the capital, management, technical and other constraints to foot-binding is not much progress, but when the time comes, where the potential can not be ignored . The development of domestic machine is always linked with the development of such enterprises to realize this is very important to the development of China's paper-making machinery.

    Domestic papermaking machinery industry has made great progress, especially in the last 10 years, other industries such as aerospace, shipbuilding and other involved in the production of papermaking machinery, the technical level of products, new product development, stand-alone scale has also been very greatly improved. Also appeared in a number of private joint-stock enterprises, some of these enterprises to improve the level of product technology, development of new products have a high enthusiasm and self-consciousness, but the basic pattern of this industry there are no major changes, mainly as the product of convergence, the lack of features excessive competition, low profits, product performance, instability, low level of technology. These features illustrate the paper machinery industry in China is still in the primary stage of development, on the one hand, low-end products relative surplus, profit decline: on the other hand, the demand for high-end products could not do, which is the largest of the domestic paper-making machinery market features.

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