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The latest trends in packaging machinery digital
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Digital packaging machinery can not only provide a greater yield and greater equipment flexibility, but also adds many new features, such as: remote maintenance, integration with the company's ERP system, evaluation of production data.
Just a few years ago, no one anticipated the rapid speed of the packaging machinery to the digital. With the electronic process faster and faster, there was need to increase the distribution box. However, when the bus system can greatly reduce the number of cables required, coupled with the emergence of decentralized computer on, which means having to increase the volume of distribution box. Today, the independent distribution box is not required in the packaging industry, digital packaging machine compared to previous mechanical or electromechanical packaging machine footprint smaller.
Automation to bring about change for the packaging
The era of automation of the packaging industry began about 20 years ago, At that time, the mechanical device equipped with a programmable logic controller (PLC), is used to control logic functions and mechanical power of the drive shaft. However, the flexibility of the first generation of automated equipment is not satisfactory. Consumer products, especially food, life cycles, the products tend to diversify, to stimulate greater demand for flexibility of the device. Later developed a second generation of automated equipment, more and more features from the mechanical power Horizons to the electronic drive system, logic functions are still controlled by the PLC system.
Control and drive technology proved to be key technologies in the field of packaging machinery structure. Today, the third-generation fully electronic machine have all the advantages of servo technology, and establish new industry standards. Digital packaging machinery can not only provide a greater yield and greater equipment flexibility, but also adds many new features, such as: remote maintenance, integration with the company's ERP system, evaluation of production data.
Originally executed by the PLC logic function is losing its importance, the dominant electronic motor function. With the flexible requirements of the equipment to improve the number of servo motors are also increasing. This means that no longer needed due to the different programming languages ​​and systems, physical and logical interfaces. Since the mid-1990s, some companies have been driven from the field of packaging machinery integrated motion control and logic control the trend of the solution.
Top-loading equipment in the carton packaging more and more popular. Flexible cartoning machine loading from above, and more flexible than the horizontal plane. The robotic arm can be equipped with different vacuum fixture to accommodate the vastly different products. This solution is also very effective for composite packaging, for example, in medicine, packaging blister packaging, ampoules, bottles, medicine instructions and spatula can be used to top loading equipment. In the field of confectionery, top loading equipment to a variety of different shapes of chocolate into a deep dish. Loading equipment operations at the top of the flexibility of a larger package to be effective. The machine just to make minor adjustments, will be able to adapt to the different shape of the container. This means that the new product types to meet future requirements.
Data sharing and remote maintenance
Today, in order to meet the needs of different custom packaging machinery, suppliers, the controller designed to be of the same. Therefore, standardization is not only the different manufacturers to be able to exchange the key components, can be freed from dependence on proprietary technology to a manufacturer. The so-called open control structure will undoubtedly have greater flexibility.
The international community to jointly coordinate the automation concept of The OMAC (open modular structure controller) Packaging Machinery Working Group to elaborate. Of this working group is initiated by the machine users from the trademark products industry, the cooperation within the framework of the OMAC and machinery makers, technology providers, the goal is to make the automation system hardware can be used interchangeably within the period of time. The next step is to coordinate the different systems to achieve the transmission of information between the machine and operating principles of standardization.
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