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Machinery and equipment orders continued to increase will take six months to fully rebound
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2009 China (Guangzhou) International machinery and equipment Manufacturing Exposition (hereinafter referred to as "Guangzhou Machine Fair") recently held in the Pazhou Complex. Exhibitors and more orders rise since the second half, especially, played a significant role in promoting the national 4 trillion yuan investment on exports to the domestic enterprises. However, because the global economy is just out of the shadow of the financial tsunami is expected to fully pick up the time needed for six months or so.
India, the Middle East under a single increase
Reporters at the show that the sharp decline in orders in the second half of last year is increasing. An operating mold machining manufacturing enterprises in Ruian, Zhejiang, said early this year, exports began to improve, since June and July, merchants from the Middle East and South America, a single volume gradually increased. "Europe and the United States of export or less that the overall business is not as good as 2007." Person in charge of the company admitted that this exhibition, in addition to want to take orders from abroad, but also to meet with an old friend of the industry to see the various coping strategies . Guangzhou Panyu an automotive equipment supplier, told reporters that the current merchants India has at most. Financial crisis, the main business shifted from export-oriented processing to improve product value-added products, to open up foreign markets at the same time, intensify domestic business, so although the auto parts orders decreased, but the customer or stabilized .
Exports to the domestic effects are more obvious
Guangzhou native one ship supplier, told reporters that the ship supply or domestic. "It is estimated that the economy really pick up the needed time."
Relevant person in charge of the machinery industry, said the order has not been showing a particularly large increase in trend, but this year, at least not backward, is expected to pick up will take six months.
The data show that over 16% in the first three quarters of this year, Guangzhou, heavy equipment manufacturing output growth, the next step, Guangzhou will accelerate the development of automobiles and auto parts, shipbuilding, CNC equipment, heavy machinery, transmission and transformation and distribution, building and equipment, packaging machinery, electronic information, such as the eight Guangzhou competitive industries and supporting industries.
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