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China's packaging machinery technology status quo and future development
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At present, the global demand for packaging machinery annual growth rate of 5.3% to reach $ 29 billion in 2005. The United States has the largest manufacturers of packaging equipment, followed by Japan and other major manufacturers from Germany, Italy and China. Packaging machinery and equipment production grew the fastest in the developing countries and regions.
Few manufacturers of professional research and development of domestic packaging machinery manufacturers, is also our inadequacies. In the domestic packaging machinery manufacturers continue efforts under the domestic packaging machinery in terms of measurement, manufacturing, technical performance has been a good achievement, especially beer, beverage filling equipment with high-speed, complete sets of high degree of automation, reliability and other characteristics . Food packaging machine technology significantly improved the mechanical and electrical integration, automatic packaging machine equipment surge in demand for the next few years, a variety of food packaging machinery demand will grow rapidly.
Domestic packaging machinery manufacturer committed to research high-tech, high-quality production and reliable service. Today's comparative strength in the domestic manufacturers of packaging machinery, packaging machinery, Qun-Jie, Jiangsu Province, Guangzhou, Macao Special packaging machinery, Henan Spark packaging machinery and so on, its advantages is its ability to provide solution for all kinds of production problems and improve the production line, and to maintain a long-term cooperative relationship with the relevant professional.
As the market changes, domestic packaging machinery is also growing in the domestic packaging machinery manufacturers to develop rapid, low cost packaging equipment direction, and with the production of packaging machinery and equipment company for future product updates or to increase the line of packaging machinery production the ratio will increase, especially demand for food, beverage and pharmaceutical industry is the most ardent.
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