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Paper packaging testing equipment market began to return to the temperature
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According to statistics, China's annual sales income of 5.00 million yuan, more than 10,000 packaging enterprises, of which nearly one-third of plastic packaging products companies. These enterprises in the past only a few companies have their own testing laboratory, and now small businesses are also starting to focus on to build their own testing room. The experts pointed out that plastic packaging products, most of blocking water vapor, oxygen, carbon dioxide function, so the testing instruments in this regard is a growing demand.

Project Department of the packaging and printing industry recently introduced to the market packaging special testing equipment. Including the oxygen transmission rate tester, water vapor permeability tester carton compression testing machine, bursting strength testing machine, tensile strength testing machine side of the pressure of the ring compression testing machine, drop test, the simulation of transport vibration testing machine, carbon dioxide transmission rate tester packaging seal test system, such as headspace analyzer, rupture tester, and Germany Brugger heat sealing instrument, meter English DIFFUSION fog, the United States IMI peeling tester and the coefficient of friction instrument .

It is understood that plastic gravure printing ink solvent-based ink-based, excessive benzene is harmful to human health, while the high-speed gravure printing, you must use the volatile ink in order to meet the printing requirements, which makes the environmental problems in the gravure printing process is particularly prominent. Water-based ink does not contain volatile organic solvents, complete elimination of toxic and hazardous substances in the solvent-based inks, to avoid contamination of the packaged goods, various ink only U.S. FDA approved non-toxic ink. Only very few manufacturers to produce the varieties of ink painting, water-based ink in the gravure printing, adhesion, printing speed, gloss, etc. can not fully meet the level of solvent-based ink performance, and sometimes can not meet the manufacturers of plastic film color packaging printing requirements.

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