Technological Characteristic

Equipment stability, maneuverability, safety and other performance indicators that reflect our design philosophy, to give users a different value.
        The excellent performance of China's telecommunications machinery is mainly reflected in the following:
Paper Machinery:
         1, skip using crutches arm design, flexible propulsion, forced synchronization will not cause rigidity of the impact on the overall rack, the maximum protection of the rack to improve the life of the equipment; special fabric system, forcing arch fabric 360 degree rotation to play a secondary arch effect, skip spindle asynchronous interaction, fabrics, even if the raw material, adding slag or fly ash lightweight aggregate effect is more obvious.
         2, the company developed a new type of percussion vibration system, with a super-balanced vibration force can guarantee to make the brick a high degree of consistency, but the most important thing is to do high brick to ensure the brick of the upper and lower density; special damping vacant vibration design to separate the vibration system with rack, so that the vibration force is concentrated in the mold below, to minimize the vibration force transmission to the rack, using a special damper way, low noise than other manufacturers and models of equipment is low 10-15 dB; minimize damage to the equipment.
Diaper machinery:
         SUNNY brand of U.S. imports double vane pump and proportional valve to match the fuel supply system, the vibration frequency of the vibration system and amplitude can be adjusted, the mutual compensation of the double pump. And through the proportional valve, pressure and flow can be adjusted according to actual conditions set different pressure and flow of each action, and action set-speed equipment to run fast and have no impact on the touch screen above.
         2, the control valve of the pressure head is equipped with pilot controlled check valve, to ensure the reliability and security of the indenter movement. Valve long spool wear caused by the increase in internal leakage ejection pressure head unrelenting, reliable locking of the pilot-operated check valve on the cylinder of the pressure head, pressure head decline in waiting, maintenance The security check is also increased accordingly. And in the case of the pump does not start, even if not accidentally press control buttons, the pressure head will not fall.

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