Huaxun Service

Technical Support
● free consulting service to help users to do a project feasibility analysis.
● the relevant information on the products for their clients.
● in accordance with the actual situation of the customer, provision of equipment design style as well as equipment installation drawings, as well as production of the required information.
● grades used in the production of raw materials, technical performance requirements, supply manufacturers and reference price and other relevant information.
● Troubleshooting of machinery in the production and use points.
● provides operating and technical personnel.

After-sales service
● The device is manufactured in the company equipment to run debugging and trial production, packaging shipment after the customer satisfaction.
● commissioning of equipment in the company's technical staff under the guidance of theory and practice of technical training.
● equipment delivery company can according to customer demand to provide on-site installation, commissioning and operation staff induction training.
● equipment warranty for one year warranty period, non-human factors cause damage to equipment, the supplier is responsible for repair or replacement.
● any failure of equipment during the warranty period, equipment, the company has the responsibility to provide solutions for the first time, to help the user in a short time to resume production.
● Equipment over the warranty period, the company three years for equipment maintenance only charge the cost of fees.
● details of other after-sales service supply and demand sides prior consultation.

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